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Stronger by Design

The breadth and depth of our portfolio showcases the capabilities of our team and our ability to approach challenges with a new perspective. Just as the impact of architecture permeates all facets of life, our portfolio encompasses spaces designed for the community to learn, worship, live, work and play in. We also take great pride in restoring architectural treasures for future generations.

“As architects, we are primarily in the
problem-solving business.”

Robert C. Filarski, PSRBB Staff Architect

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“The people in our industry and on our team are creative, passionate and actively changing our environment.”

Lori Lowman Hutson, PSRBB Construction Administrator

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At PSRBB, we stand behind our belief that ideas and buildings should honor the broader goals of society. To put this belief in action, we’ve assembled a diverse team of brilliant architects, drafters, 3D designers and industry experts to design structures that respect the environment and enhance our clients’ capabilities and services.

Our Project Process

A strong foundation is crucial to the success of any building. Similarly, a successful project is built on a solid foundation of communication. Learn more about our client-centered process of transforming ideas into reality.

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“PSRBB is a team of leaders, people who can deliver a powerful design philosophy built on the principle idea that buildings honor the broader goals of society. It is a principle that PSRBB founders established years ago. It is what we believed then, and what we still believe today. Our design philosophy distinguishes between buildings that are merely built, and those that are lived in.”

Tommy Razloznik, PSRBB President

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Lincoln Property Company
County of El Paso
Kids Kare
Cullers & Caldwell
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